how to: reupholster seat cushions…

reupholstering is a somewhat easy {wink} way to update or completely change the look of furniture you may be a little tired of… one day i’d love to master an entire couch but until then i’ll stick with this simple how to on seat cushions. this was my very first attempt at it so i’ll walk you through the technique i came up with and hopefully it will get you curious about tackling your own upholstery project…

the seat cushions on my “new” antique dining chairs weren’t even cushiony. man… at almost 60 years old they were in dire need of an update. i could tell the latex foam inside was pretty much disintegrated so i knew i was in for a mess. here we go…



what you’ll need:

  • fabric {i found mine at the oak street mill, yards and yards of upholstery fabric for only $30… mary jo’s in gastonia has a great selection, and don’t be afraid to search your grandmothers attic, use an unexpected print or go bold with velvet!}
  • cotton batting
  • chair stuffing {head over to your local fabric store to see what you like… i used 2 inch thick poly batting that i bought by the yard. it was difficult to cut, but worked great! there are lots of options when it comes to materials, thicknesses, and buying by the yard or per chair. have someone help you with your measurements too, just to make sure you get enough!} i also recommend taking an original chair cushion and your fabric with you… heck, i even layered mine up on the cutting table and sat on it, just to make sure it was perfect!
  • a staple gun and staples
  • a flat head screwdriver and pliers
  • and a hard, clean work surface
first: use the flat head screwdriver to start prying up your old staples and use pliers to pull them out.
second: remove old fabric and filling, and trash it!!
third: use the wooden cushion base to trace the shape of your cushion onto the stuffing and cut out. {it’s important to cut as perfect as possible to prevent your cushion shape from getting shifted}
fourth: cut your fabric squares and batting. {you want enough fabric to be able to pull it tight over all the edges, you’ll trim later}
fifth: start layering. fabric, batting {which i used just to make sure the corners were neat and soft} fluff and your wooden base.
sixth: starting on one side, pull fabric over base and secure with staple. repeat on opposite side. {this will get your shape nice and tight. then you can start working your way around all 4 sides.
seventh: pull fabric tighly over corners and staple neatly.
eighth: trim excess fabric from edges and you’re done!
now you can reattatch your newly reupholstered cushion and voila! take a seat, treat yourself to something sweet and enjoy!!
let me know what you’re going to reupholster next! be curious… hg

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